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Ana Pompa Alarcon Rawls (CEO/Founder findSisterhood)

Ana Pompa Alarcon Rawls (CEO/Founder findSisterhood)

I met Ana (CEO/Founder of findSisterhood) on a Sunday at The Culver Hotel. We were both attending a brunch with Single Moms Planet. The vintage glamour, delicious artfully presented food, and immaculate service make it the perfect setting for an amazing brunch. I love meeting fellow entrepreneurs changing the world for the better. That evening I downloaded the app and the rest is history. I was immediately able to connect with other women and give my hear felt advice without anyone knowing it was me. I love this app and everything about it. I’m so thrilled I got the opportunity to interview Ana (CEO/Founder of findSisterhood), she has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.

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1) Tell me about the type of work your organization does?

findSisterhood is a social network for women.

It is a safe place for women on issues that we all are facing, from abuse to motherhood, relationships, and questions about life. The app is 100% anonymous because we want to be a safe haven for women to really feel like they can talk about anything, and ask anything on the app. I want to encourage support and empowering among women from all over the globe. Women are going through an important moment in their history and I want to provide a platform where all the females can unite and feel stronger than ever. I want them to feel safe and like they can say anything without judgment of fear that is going to go back to them.


2) Why did you start the organization?

I believe women go through so many similar experiences together and we don’t talk to each other because society has taught was to be very competitive towards one another, but if we unite I’m sure we will be unstoppable. findSisterhood is proof that women can and want to empower each other and the power that comes from it.

When I started working on the concept I was a new mom in NYC, an immigrant far away from home. I couldn’t identify with this perfect picture of motherhood that social networks paint. Then I started connecting to other women and realized that many of us felt the same way and didn't’’ want to put up with this pressure anymore.

findSisterhood is the opposite, we shine a light on topics not often enough talked about on social media and encourage women to be real with one another.


3) How has it grown over time?

The idea for findSisterhood was born 2 years ago and since then a lot has happened. It was first released as a Beta version that was a success and just recently a new improved version was released and its both available on Google Play and the App Store. We are getting a lot of positive feedback from users. The new app uses one way cryptographic to make every single post untraceable, not even we know who the women are posting. Being transparent and safe for our users is our top priority.



4) What are your plans for the next 3 years?

I want every woman to know that we are out there. That there is free 24/7 support for any issue they are facing. My team and I are working endlessly to help as many women as possible and we won’t stop until every woman knows that she has a voice to tell her story.


5) What motivates you?

The feedback I receive from my users. There are so many women reaching out to me and sharing how our community has changed their lives. When times are hard I read through all of these stories and I know that we are fighting the good fight and this country and women needs us more than ever.


6) Where can readers find you?

Link to app store



Link to play store



Link to instagram findSisterhood - https://www.instagram.com/findsisterhood/


Link to facebook findSisterhood - https://www.facebook.com/FindSisterhood


Link to twitter findSisterhood - https://twitter.com/fsisterhoodapp



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