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Makeup Forever New Artist Color Shadow

Makeup Forever New Artist Color Shadow


Most professional makeup artist have some Makeup Forever products in their kits, myself included. I absolutely love their HD Foundation and concealers. So I was so excited to learn about their new Artist Color Shadows. There are 121 shades in the new collection, 5 blendable finishes, with 12 hour color. Makeup Forever has an array of fillable palettes to choose from. This is so great for people who travel, this allows you to switch out colors depending on your trip.

I had the honor and pleasure of having my makeup done by Max Bronner. He is absolutely amazing! I asked for a boss makeup look. So for me this look means – A little more than an everyday makeup look, with a baby smoky eye, utilizing natural earthy tones, and nude lip. Maxx did such a great job, my makeup looks amazing!

I Love the New Artist Color Shadows. They look and feel great on my skin. The colors blend together so effortlessly. I highly recommend you try them for yourself. I’m certain you will love them as much as I do!

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